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Who Are We and Why Are We Different?


                    We are a locally owned and operated business sharing the same property as the Delco Gas Station... however, we are a completely separate business.                    


                    We have many years of experience in the Fast Lube, Oil Change and Automotive Repair Industry.  Our Technicians are trained to handle all aspects of Preventative maintenance and repair on your vehicle.  We have some of the most advanced maintenance and diagnostic equipment available today.                    


                    We are keenly aware of the competition and the loss leader pricing that is being offered to get people in the door.  We hear on a daily basis about people who have been pressured to purchase extra services from some of our competitors.  We are confident that you will notice a difference in our shop and our service.  We will certainly inform you if a particular service or repair is needed on your vehicle; However, the decision is always yours as to whether to purchase the service or have the repair completed... after all it's your car and your money.  We price all of our Services at a fair and competitive price and will not push extra service in order to meet sales goals.                    


                    Our business has been built upon the principles of honesty and integrity and we will continue to give fast, honest service and do it with a smile, EVERYTIME!                    

                        We hope to see you soon,

                        Mike and Deni Franzen
                        The Pit Crew Automotive



Meet Our Crew

                        Mike Image                    

                        Mike                         Owner/Operator                    


                        Mark                         Manager                    

                        Bryan Image                    

                        Bryan                         ASE Certified Technician                    

                        Ben Image                    

                        Ben                         Service Technician                    

                        Duke the shop dog Images                    

                        Duke (Shop Dog)                         The Boss