Warranty Seal

The Pit Crew Automotive Limited Warranty

Workmanship, parts and services performed or installed by The Pit Crew Automotive (TPCA) is warranted against failure for the period of 1,000 miles or 30 days from date of service, whichever occurs first. Customer must immediately stop operation of vehicle in the event of fluid leaks, illumination of oil warning light, engine loss of pressure, the appearance of other warning lights or signals, or if unusual noises occur within the Limited Warranty period after service has been rendered. Continued operation of vehicle under such conditions will render Limited Warranty null and void. Customer must immediately notify (TPCA) of any problems that occur and must give (TPCA) the opportunity to inspect and cure any defects. Tampering with or alteration of (TPCA) products or manufacturer's original equipment or initiation of repair work by another party prior to notification of and inspection by a (TPCA) representative will render Limited Warranty null and void. Customer must present the (TPCA) original invoice together with a sample of any product involved to support a claim. The Limited Warranty provided by (TPCA) does not include any financial responsibility by (TPCA) for car rental, loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, loss of earnings, or any other incidental loss. This warranty does not cover defects, damages or deterioration due to normal use, wear and tear or exposure. This warranty shall inure (TPCA), its successors, heirs, assigns, employees, principals, owners and shareholders. By authorizing service to be performed by (TPCA), the customer acknowledges, understands and fully accepts this Limited Warranty on Workmanship, Parts and Service provided by (TPCA). Questions or comments? Please call: 503-513-LUBE (5823).