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Many vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your brake fluid
about every two years or 30,000 miles.*

The appearance of brake fluid isn't always the best way to tell if it needs replacing. Look at your odometer. If you've gone over your OEM recommended service interval or if your brake fluid doesn't meet manufacturer's specifications, it's time to replace your brake fluid.


Moisture is naturally absorbed by brake fluid over time.

  • Increased moisture lowers the boiling point of brake fluid, possibly causing sluggish response during panic stops, stop-and-go driving and downhill braking. Since moisture is not visible in brake fluid, visual inspection is of no use.
  • Increased moisture contributes to component corrosion, causing potentially expensive repairs (an ABS brake assembly can cost as much as $1,000 dollars).


Complete exchange of the old brake fluid with Wynn's state-of-the-art BrakeTech Rapid Replace Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

  • New brake fluid is fed into the master cylinder reservoir
  • All four wheel cylinders can be bled simultaneously or according to the O.E. bleed sequence.
  • All moisture and air are eliminated from the brake system

Wynn's Brake Fluid exceeds U.S. Department of Transportation specification

  • The service helps extend the life of brake system components and provides brakes you can count on in all situations
  • Environmentally correct service contains all used brake fluid to minimize technician exposure

*Manufacturer's recommendations may vary.
*See your owners manual for your vehicle's requirements, or simply ask when you are at our shop.

Brake Fluid Comparison, you cannot always know bad brake fluid by its appearance.

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