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Mechanic Services

Is your vehicle broken down, acting a little out of the ordinary, or maybe just sounds a little different than normal? Bring your vehicle into our shop where our skilled technicians can help diagnose the issue and get your vehicle running at its top in no-time.

Some Mechanic services we offer include:


Don't get stranded on the side of the road. Make sure your battery is getting the charge it deserves.


Stranded and your car won't start? Get your engine moving again with a new starter.


Safety is essential for your family. Make sure your vehicle can stop. We offer free brake inspections.

Air Conditioning

Dying of heat exhaustion? Windshield not defrosting? Get your air conditioning repaired today.

Motor Mounts

A thump under the hood is never good. Keep your engine and surrounding parts in good working order.

Ignition Systems

Don't know why your car won't start? Let us help diagnose the problem with our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Water Pumps

Is your vehicle leaking or overheating? Your water pump may be to blame.


Shocks and struts help keep your tires on the road. Get yours replaced to ensure optimum safety.


Is your vehicle overheating? Let us help. Your radiator or thermostat may be to blame.

Timing Belts/Chains

Timing belts and chains are essential to the operation of your vehicle. If not replaced at the specified interval, it could break and destroy your engine.

Axle Shafts

Hear a clicking sound when you turn? Your axle shafts may be damaged and in need of replacement.


Get the fuel economy and power your vehicle deserves. Ask about a tune-up for your vehicle.

Electrical Repair

Door locks stop working? Turn signals cause your headlights to flash? Whatever your electrical problem, we can help.

Window Motor Replacement

Tired of opening your door at fast food restaurants, or for the police officer? Get your window motor replaced today.

Leak Repair

Tired of those unsightly spots in your driveway? Tired of adding oil every week? Come in today for a leak assessment.

Program Remote Entry Key Fobs

Did your key fob stop working? Bring it to us, we may be able to re-program it.

And Lots More...

If you have a problem with your vehicle, we can help. Best of all, we offer FREE estimates. Get yours today.

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