Techron Concentrate Plus

Using Techron Concentrate Plus can help maximize fuel economy*

What It Is

Techron Concentrate Plus is a premium fuel system cleaner trusted and recommended by many major automakers to help restore lost fuel economy and performance. Our patented polyetheramine (PEA) technology is unsurpassed at cleaning deposits from intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. It is safe and effective to use in all ethanol fuels, including Flex Fuel like E85.

What It Does

Techron Concentrate Plus removes deposits in one tank without causing harm to other areas of the engine. It also cleans and restores the operation of sulfur contaminated fuel gauge sensors that cause faulty fuel gauge readings.

How It Helps

Using Techron Concentrate Plus can help improve performance, maximize fuel economy, and lower emissions.

How Long Does It Take?

The Techron Concentrate Plus Service takes only seconds*
No appointment is necessary. So just come on in. We'll See you soon!

Ask us for Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner.
Don't keep your engine's potential hidden under the hood any longer.

*Restores lost fuel economy by removing harmful fuel injector deposits.
*This service is a fuel tank additive.

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