T-TECH Automatic Transmission Service

Add years to the life your your vehicle in just minutes.

T-TECH® Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF) exchange will replace nearly 100% of your vehicle's old, dirty fluid with new, clean fluid, as recommended by the factory. It's a fact that a properly maintained transmission can extend the driving life of your vehicle. Best of all, it takes just minutes.

Why do I have to change my transmission fluid?

Like the oil in your vehicle's engine, under normal driving conditions, heat and oxidation cause deterioration of your ATF fluid and abrasives and contaminants in your transmission system increase. Over time, your transmission becomes more vulnerable to costly breakdown and falls below peak operating performance. Under extraordinary driving conditions, this process of deterioration accelerates. Conditions that lead to accelerated transmission system deterioration include:

  • Towing or operating under load
  • Hot climates
  • Stop-and-go city driving
  • Winter or hard driving
  • AWD or 4WD usage
  • Hills or mountainous terrain

To fight deterioration, your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the fluid in your transmission at regular intervals. These intervals vary from vehicle to vehicle, and as driving conditions warrant, but most leading automotive manufacturers recommend changing the fluid every 15,000 to 50,000 miles (see your Owner's Manual and warranty documentation for maintenance specifications for your particular vehicle).

Why is the patented T-TECH® service better?

The traditional drain and fill method of changing transmission fluid is time-consuming, inconvenient and ineffective. It results in replacement of less than 50% of a vehicle's transmission fluid, leaving large amounts of old, dirty fluid in the torque converter and cooler. Under the traditional approach, the benefits of a transmission service are greatly reduced.

Not so with T-TECH®. The patented T-TECH® service exchanges virtually 100% of your vehicle's automatic transmission fluid. Only T-TECH®, harnessing the working circulation of your transmission, is able to quickly and precisely displace the old fluid, even in hard-to-reach areas of the transmission system, such as the torque converter and cooler, in the most beneficial manner for your vehicle.

While other mechanical ATF exchange solutions claim to offer the same service advantages as T-TECH®, few can match the safety, precision and peace of mind of the T-TECH® service. That's because with T-TECH®, your vehicle's pump creates the exchange, eliminating the possibility of over or under-pressuring your vehicle's transmission system and eliminating the possibility of over or under-filling your transmission with fluid. The T-TECH® exchange is 100% proportional and is performed at the operating pressure of your vehicle's transmission system. No other method is as good at caring for your vehicle.

And, just as important, a T-TECH® service is fast and affordable. Most often it can be performed in minutes, so you don't have to make an appointment at our shop and leave your car.

What about my car's warranty?

Changing the fluid in your transmission at regular intervals is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and may actually be required as part of your extended warranty obligations (see your warranty for details). That's why it's essential to perform regular maintenance to your vehicle that meets or exceeds the manufacturer's recommendations.

Because T-TECH® exchanges virtually all of the old fluid in your automatic transmission versus traditional changes, it actually outperforms manufacturer's specifications. Considering how much it costs for a new vehicle these days, a T-TECH® service provides affordable peace of mind that you are extending your vehicle's transmission service as far into the future as possible.

The T-TECH® Process

Heat is the enemy of transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is a combination of light base oils with an extensive additive package to control foaming, slip, lubrication, etc. Heat attacks the additive package and oxidizes or burns it away, leaving you with only the base oils.

In order to slow the oxidation of the additive package, the vehicle manufacturers have designed an oil cooler, usually in the radiator, that passes all of the transmission fluid through it.

T-TECH® uses a patented process of harnessing the pump in the vehicle’s transmission to control the flow of fluid. This process captures the fluid coming out of the transmission and automatically directs it into the bottom of the T-TECH® cylinder. The used ATF flowing into the bottom of the cylinder pushes against the separating piston and directs new fluid out the top of the cylinder and back into the vehicle.

The patented T-TECH® system makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO HARM A VEHICLE’S TRANSMISSION. The T-TECH® process operates exclusively on the transmission pump pressure, which essentially eliminates the possibility of over-pressure, under-pressure, overfill or underfill.

T-TECH® Fluid Exchange is the preferred method of automatic transmission service because it is designed to offer the safest and most complete exchange of fluid in the transmission, torque converter, lines and cooler. The need for a safe and thorough exchange of used ATF has increased as the life expectancy of vehicles increases, the demands placed on these vehicles grows and the cost of repair rises. Today, nearly every vehicle has an OEM-recommended service for automatic transmissions. The original pan drop method of service only captured 30% - 40% of the vehicle’s used ATF. Other mechanical exchange machines force fluid into the vehicle under pressure and can damage the seals inside a transmission.

Discover why vehicle owners throughout North America specify T-TECH® when asking for ATF service.

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