TRICO View Glass Treatment

For the best view all around you

Trico View-Glass Treatment and Rain Repellant lasts up to six times longer than other leading glass treatment products.

Patented hydrophobic formula provides all-season performance with clear visibility through rain, day and night. The glass treatment formula can be applied to any exterior glass surface - front and rear windshield, side windows and mirrors. One applicator will treat one windshield (front or rear) or two side windows.

Built for aviation - now used for automotive

The Trico View-patented hydrophobic formula was originally developed for the aviation industry. Now protecting the automotive industry, Trico View is applied to all exterior surfaces of vehicle glass, leaving the glass surface water resistant.

Rain Repellant Glass Treatment

  • Formula applied to any exterior glass surface - not just your windshield
  • Forms a chemical bond with glass unlike other glass-coating products
  • Rain beads up and rolls off glass to repel water and dramatically improve visibility

For the best View

  • Provides all-season performance by repelling rain, sleet and snowbird
  • Makes it easier to remove ice, snow bugs and dirt
  • Lasts up to six times longer visibility through rain, day and night

All around you

A University of Michigan study indicates that auto glass treatments can improve a drive's visual acuity by nearly 35%%. Additionally, a driver's response time to identify a small target was improved from four seconds to three seconds. At 45mph that represents 58 feet.

How long does it take?

This is the best part! Amazing visibility on the road is only 10 MINUTES away!
You do not need an appointment either! So just come on in and ask for our Trico View Windshield Treament.
If you forget the name, its ok, we will know what you are talking about. See you soon!

TRICO View Service Image, You can See the Difference!

Customer Reviews: Trico View Windshield Treatment

1 Review
Bryce Franzen
Feb 11, 2015
"I love this product! I use it on both my vehicles, and It really does last for about 6 months! The main reason I use this product is because it makes scraping ice off of the windshield in the winter time a piece of cake-- the ice comes right off with little or no effort. I can drive down the highway at 45-50 mph in pouring down rain and I don't have to turn on my wiper blades! The water litterally beads off the windshield. I would recommend this product to just about anyone."

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